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  • Flaav

    Flaav creates media plans and marketing alternatives which automate the tough marketing challenges you face. Our Media Plans point you in the best direction to advertise your business, so your campaign will be light years more effective! And you spend lesser time and effort marketing your business.

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  • Your marketing plans on steroids!

    Our unique set of marketing services makes it easy to stay in control of your marketing efforts. We created have tools to automate twitter content, run and track promotional offers, create advertisements or digital marketing, and organize your entire marketing campaign. Spend less time while doing more than ever!

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  • Services that work for you

    All of our tools work cohesively to optimize your marketing performance. Using them together will make your life extraordinarily easier and save you time. Flaav can reduce your budget for social media, promotional offers, advertising and marketing management.

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    Flaav is fantastic!

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Flaav Makes Marketing Easier

Get access to numerous tools that will save you time and money while increasing your marketing success.

We created Flaav with YOU in mind. We know you don’t have the time or the experience to market your business so we designed our set of tools to automate everything – leaving you with more time, and less headache.

Flaav helps you find the BEST places to advertise, simplifies and tracks your promotions, intelligently tweets for you, and creates beautiful advertisements, all while keeping your marketing plan organized!


Flaav only costs 40 / Month

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